What to bring

How to Prepare for Your Departure

If you haven’t made a checklist of things you have to have while on vacation we suggest that you do this so nothing is forgotten. Obviously some things can be purchased in Vietnam, but those items that can’t make sure to bring along. Trying to replace your prescription glasses while in Vietnam is not the easiest thing to do so bring an extra pair if you have them.

Don’t Pack More than You Need

Most of Vietnam is very casual so there is no need to bring a lot of fancy clothes on your trip. You can bring fancy clothes if you plan on eating in some upscale hotel restaurants, but for the most part dressing casual is a smart decision. In the winter months the northern part of Vietnam can get chilly so come prepared. Otherwise it’s typically warm in Vietnam since the country is located near the equator.

A lot of our travelers bring more clothes than they really need. We understand that you don’t want to need anything, but it’s easier to pack less. If you need anything specific it can probably be bought in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. The costs of clothes in Vietnam are usually cheap, but remember imported products are naturally more expensive. Some visitors elect to buy cheap clothes here with the intent of throwing them away before leaving. This is one way to decrease your luggage.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to remember everything you need while packing for a vacation in an unknown country. If you happen to forget something you can most likely find it on the local market. A checklist of things you need will help you avoid forgetting to pack items you need.

What You Should Bring

If any part of your tour takes you to forested areas, you may want to bring some form of mosquito repellant. However mosquitoes typically aren’t a problem for most travelers.

Naturally as part of your tour during the day you’ll be exposed to the sun. We recommend that you bring sun protection that you’re familiar with so you know exactly how much you need to apply to avoid being burnt. We don’t want any of our visitors to worry about getting too much sun while on a vacation. When you’re with us, we want you to leave the worrying up to us. As part of your sun protection you might also think about bringing a hat and sunglasses. Although these are available in Vietnam, finding the sizes you need may be harder than you think because Vietnamese people are smaller.

Women who require tampons during their travel should bring their own because they aren’t easy to find in Vietnam. We of course recommend bringing a camera to document your vacation with us. We’ll take you to plenty of spots where you’ll want pictures so make sure you bring everything you need for your camera. If your camera requires a charger, make sure to bring it along.

Although we try to avoid such occurrences, we tell our guests to avoid handbags and camera cases with shoulder straps. These are easy to grab and thieves can easily grab them off you. Unfortunately tourists are targets for crime and we try to educate everyone about how to avoid being a victim. We certainly don’t want any of our guests to be robbed during their stay.

Do You Have More Questions?

If you need additional information about anything we’ve discussed or have questions about a topic that wasn’t mentioned, see if these links are helpful. If what you’re looking for isn’t provided on this page or within these links, feel free to email us at any time. We love to answer your questions and we want you to be fully prepared.

It’s a great idea to pick up a great guide book before you travel. However what you read and hear about may be completely different in reality so be prepared for surprises. Guides books are usually produced each year, but in a lot of cases the information provided is copied from last year’s issue. Once again, if you have questions and want the latest information on where you’re traveling, send us an email and we’ll respond as fast as we can. Thanks for choosing Vietnam Private Tours!

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