Safety and Security

Safety in Vietnam

Our country is consistently one of the safest countries in all of Asia. Crime rates in Vietnam are low in comparison to other countries. The government is typically very stable and Vietnamese people are known for their laid back lifestyle. In addition the location of Vietnam is in an area where natural disasters are not that common.

Maintaining Health Awareness

There aren’t too many health concerns for travelers visiting Vietnam. Unfortunately malaria has become an issue in a few isolated areas, but programs aimed at eliminating the disease have largely reduced the risk of contracting it. We recommend to all of our future guests to schedule an appointment with their regular physician to make sure all of their vaccinations are updated.

All tourists should be reminded that drinking water in Vietnam can be risky if you’re not used to drinking it. We suggest buying bottled water, soda and beer instead. The food in Vietnam is relatively healthy, often consisting of fresh vegetables. However local meats should be eaten with caution. It’s rare for one of our guests to get an upset stomach during their stay but it does happen from time to time. Use your best judgment when eating new foods.

One of the biggest health risks for tourists is dehydration. The sun in Vietnam can get extremely hot. Because we recommend drinking bottled water, tourists sometimes don’t drink as much as they should and become fatigued. We also warn visitors about getting too much sun on their skin. Wearing sun block is a must when you’re out and about for long periods of the day. Many of our guests wear hats during the tours.

The health care in Vietnam varies and depends where you’re traveling. The bigger cities have great facilities whereas smaller isolated villages don’t have easy access to doctors. If there is any medication that you need to take on a routine basis, make sure to bring it with you. It might be hard to find replacements once you arrive.

Traveling in the Street

Traffic in Vietnam is probably something you’re not used to seeing. A lot of drivers disregard safety and have a sense of urgency. Crosswalks are largely ignored by drivers so if you want to make it across the street, your best bet is to wait for a break in traffic and then hurry across. Even bicyclists move quickly and you may have a few close encounters when walking on foot near busy roads.

In some major cities petty crime does happen against tourists. If you wish to avoid becoming a victim, there are several things to keep in mind, including:

  • Do not leave belongings unattended or out of sight
  • Bags with shoulder straps are easy targets for criminals. Carry items with your hands.
  • Avoid carry a lot of cash at one time
  • If you have money out try to put it away quickly

A lot of the crime that happens against tourists is occurs because travelers don’t make smart decisions. In a perfect world there would be no crime, but when visiting Vietnam do your best to eliminate any opportunities that criminals might have.

Rest Assured

One of the perks of traveling with Vietnam Private Tours is that you’ll be driven by an experienced driver in a safe vehicle. The places you visit are safe and we make sure to avoid areas that are known for crime. When you travel by yourself and aren’t with a tour group, you’re more likely to be a victim of crime.

Unfortunately accidents happen, but we do our best to hire guides that are extremely responsible and have your best interests in mind. The safety of our guests is a top priority for Vietnam Private Tours and we promise to take action if something happens to anyone traveling with us. If you’re a victim of a crime, we’ll do everything we can to make it right. That means contacting the authorities and trying to resolve the issue with you.