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How We Make a Difference

Tourism in Vietnam is booming and we take great pride in making sure all our guests leave with a positive experience.

The ‘Long Haul’ Revolution

Populations in developed countries wish to visit areas that are less developed because they get to experience the natural beauty the world has to offer. Things like wildlife, cultures and land free of buildings is truly something valuable and worth holding onto. Travelers love these experiences and it’s important that such opportunities remain.

However growth is inevitable and as undeveloped areas grow and become more populated, the natural beauty that was present slowly disappears. Tourism is part of this growth and it’s our job to make sure we stay on top of it.

There is no excuse for letting our environment change for the worse and we can’t let other cultures be affected. If we don’t start trying to make a difference today, tomorrow may be too late.

Vietnam Tourism

Fortunately the impacts of Vietnam tourism have only been felt in a few areas that are fragile. However this could change if we stop raising awareness about this issue. Some people travel to Vietnam to experience new cultures and to expand their horizons, but others come to exploit resources and this is a growing concern for the tourism industry.

We believe the money raised from Vietnam tourism should go directly back into the impoverished cultures and communities that support it. If we can accomplish this, then we feel we’re making a positive contribution through tourism.

What are our responsibilities?

As one of the leading Vietnam tour operations, it’s our job to support local communities in any way possible. That means recommending our guests to local hotels, restaurants, and other services so that the Vietnam people make money – not large corporations that operate outside of the country.

We take great pride in raising the well-being of our local retailers and protecting the culture that makes Vietnam a hard working country. We support a number of local initiatives and work with the Tourism Association in an effort to accomplish all of this.

In addition to making Vietnam tour travel the best that it can be for both tourists and local communities, we support several social and environmental projects in the area. Feel free to browse some of the pages in this section of our website to understand more about how we support our communities. It is our hope that you feel the same pride as we do.

Here is some feedback that we’ve received from our guests in the past year who took Vietnam and Indochina tours. If you need assurance in knowing that these responses are true and are from real visitors, we’ll contact the guest and ask their permission to pass along their information. You’ll notice all of our reviews are positive and that’s because we haven’t received a negative review to date.