How to Get a Travel Visa for Vietnam

Anyone with a non-Vietnamese passport is required to obtain a valid visa before entering the country. However some residents of neighboring countries can visit Vietnam without a valid visa. People who wish to visit Vietnam have three ways to get a tourist visa:
It’s important to note that the last two options are only an option for those who have previously scheduled an itinerary with Vietnam Private Tours.

1.    Getting a Visa by Yourself

Any country with a Vietnamese Embassy can issue a valid visa to those who wish to travel to Vietnam. Prospective travelers simply fill out the application form, turn it in, and the visa is available in about three business days as long as complications don’t arise. It’s possible to do this by mail in some countries, but travelers will need to submit their passport to the Embassy for validation.
Each visa will cost about $25 or $30 US, but this may vary by country. If you would like to learn more about obtaining a visa, call your local Embassy for more details.

2.    We’ll Handle All the Work

Travelers who intend on booking with us can receive an application through us. We’ll ask for names, dates of travel, passport numbers, and more through email. When we receive your information we’ll pass it along to the Immigration Office in Hanoi. In about five business days we’ll receive approval and fax it over to the Vietnam Embassy where you’re located. Travelers then send their passport and a check for the cost of the visa top the Embassy.
We simply charge $10 US per person for this service and this price can easily be added to the price of your tour if you wish. The cost of the visa will be around $25 or $30 US, totaling $35 to $40 US per person after our service charges.

3.    Getting a Visa Upon Arrival

Visitors of Vietnam who are booking with us can get a visa upon arrival if they don’t have a Vietnamese Embassy in their country or if their making late travel arrangements. It’s also a way to minimize paperwork. We’ll ask you the same information that’s required by the Immigration Office in Hanoi. When we receive approval, we’ll either fax it or send it by email so you have proof in case you need it when traveling to Vietnam. We make sure all customers of Vietnam Private Tours aren’t troubled by having a lack of information when entering the country.
Receiving proof of your visa takes about three business days. The Immigration Office is closed on weekends and therefore you can’t receive approval on Saturday or Sunday. Upon arrival at the Ha Noi airport, someone from our staff will be there to assist you with completing any remaining paperwork. This will take about 30 minutes and each person must issue a colored passport photograph.
For our assistance with the application we charge $20 US and this can easily be added to your tour cost. The cost of the visa, about $25 US, will need to be paid at the airport.

Source: www.VietnamPrivateTours.Com


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