Hotels in Vietnam

Booking Your Hotel

As we plan your itinerary we also start thinking about your hotel accommodations. We ask you in advance which level of accommodation you prefer so we can book you the best option available. If there is a specific hotel you have in mind, please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you stay there. It’s rare that a hotel doesn’t have rooms available, but just in case we advise all our guests to book in advance. In some locations where we tour, there is only one hotel per accommodation level and availability may be limited. We’ll work with you to make sure you book your room well ahead of everyone else.

How We Classify Hotels

Part of the reason why our guests have a great experience is that we take a lot of pride in recommending great places to stay. We’ve personally visited and inspected the hotels we suggest and there is a lot that goes into our consideration, including room size, cleanliness, food, service, location, and more. Here are our classifications for the hotels we recommend to guests:

+ First Class – These hotels are 5 star hotels and are the best of the bestsofitel Hotels in Vietnam
+ Deluxe – These are high class hotels with 4 star ratings
+ Superior – 3 star hotels with great service and amenities
+ Mid range – Hotels that offer good service for the price
+ Local – The hotel that’s available in remote locations

We try to find the most attractive hotels for the best price so that our guests our satisfied. When you’re on vacation and on a tour, getting a good night’s sleep is really important. Some of our tours go into remote areas of Vietnam and there are limited hotel options. When this happens we do our best with what’s available. Some guests don’t care about their accommodation and accept sub-par conditions, but even when this happens we try to find hotels that are cheap and still attractive.

Staying with the Locals

In some cases we’ll have opportunities where guests can stay overnight in a person’s house. Such structures are usually wooden and lack features that are found in a hotel, including hot water, showers, beds, electricity, and plumbing. Sleeping arrangements are sometimes communal and people sleep on thin mattresses on the floor.

This kind of accommodation is for anyone on a budget or for someone looking to get the rural experience that Vietnam can offer. Areas where this is possible are used to seeing tourists and are very familiar with having people stay the night. They are extremely friendly and accommodating. Guests that absolutely wish to avoid such accommodations can avoid this by finding a nearby hotel so rest assured you’ll find what you need.

Tours through National Parks

As mentioned earlier accommodations in some remote areas only offer guest houses for staying the night. Such accommodations are bare and lack the presentation that other hotels have in more populated locations. Although your room will lack in a lot of features that you’re used to having, the location will certainly make up for any trouble you experience. Chances are high that you’re prepared to rough it if you’ve selected a tour that takes you to remote areas. Camping may be an option as long as it’s in a location where the locals are friendly and welcoming.

Unique Hotels

Some hotels in Vietnam simple can’t be classified. Although a room may lack hot water, showers, and other features, that’s also what makes the hotel sought after. Some guests wish to get away from the perks of everyday life and experience their stay in a way they never could have imagined. For these situations we’ll tell you everything we can so you know exactly what to expect.

Information about Your Hotels

Every itinerary we give to guests explains hotel accommodations in great detail. We make sure to clearly state what to expect and how you should prepare for all levels of accommodation. Although it may be more work for us, we’ll be more than happy to work with you if you’re worried about where you’ll stay each night. Your security and comfort is our number one priority and we’ll help in any way we can. Additional information is available upon request.

Source: www.VietnamPrivateTours.Com



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