Getting around

Traveling on the Road

If you’re not familiar with Vietnam roads you might be in for a surprise. Populated areas have great roads, but non-tourist spots have roads made of dirt. Traffic in Vietnam is usually really busy and it takes someone who is familiar with the roads to travel successfully. When you book a tour with Vietnam Private Tours you’re going to travel in cars that are well maintained and less than two years old. All of our drivers are licensed and very safe with guests. Our safety record is perfect and we have every intention to keep it that way.
Unfortunately some of our tours require long trips in cars. When this occurs we take the most scenic route possible and of course try to get you from point A to point B as quickly as we can. We commonly make stops for food and bathroom breaks so you’re never uncomfortable. In an effort to make sure our guests have plenty of space in the vehicles, we also provide twice the number of seats that are necessary.

Traveling by Air

All flights within the country are made with Vietnam Airlines or its sub-company Pacific Airlines. These companies use planes that are up-to-dateVietnam Airlines Getting around and have great safety records. Anyone who is touring with Vietnam Private Tours is greeted by one of our staff members who can speak your language. Those who are receiving their visa upon arrival at the airport, we’ll have someone there to assist you so it’s done quickly. From the airport we’ll happily transport you in one of our vehicles to the hotel where you’re staying.
Tickets for internal flights will be given once you arrive or we’ll provide them before your flight.

Traveling by Rail

The railways in Vietnam are not the prettiest to look at but they’re on time and certainly work as an alternative to traveling by air. Traveling thisVictoria Train Getting around way definitely takes longer, but riders do have the option of traveling in a sleep compartment if the ride is long enough.
The E1 express service, also called the Reunification Express, is the best of the best when it comes to Vietnam railways. Traveling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City takes about 30 hours. The S1 makes the same trip as the E1, but it’s a little slower. The railways can take you to several other locations, including a trip from Hanoi to Ha Long City.
Tickets for traveling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Ming City can be purchased in advance, but if you’re traveling to other locations tickets need to be bought at those stations. The trains can get busy and there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to purchase tickets so keep that in mind when making travel plans.
Anyone who travels with Vietnam Private Tours will be transported to the station and guided to their seat by a member of our staff. We’ll also meet you at your destination to help you get to your hotel. If you’re traveling to and from intermediate stations, we’ll buy the tickets in advance so your travel plans aren’t delayed.

Traveling by Water

Most visitors who choose to travel by water wish to spend time sightseeing. This form of transportation is limited to a few coastal waterways, but you’ll likely have your choice of traveling by a fast or slow boat. The slower boats carry both supplies and passengers to various villages and islands, which slows down transportation significantly.